Here's me and the fam.  And why can't everyone be smiling at the right time?!

This is my "professional" shot.  Don't I look all....professional?

Much to my mother's displeasure, I began redesigning at an early age.  My mom would come home and say, "Where's my stuff?!"  Me - "In your closet."  Once I had my own place, family members joked that I had a new living room everytime they came over.  I've always loved how you can give yourself a new space without new stuff.  My hubby decided that redesign would be the business for us, so we started the business in 2006.  I say we because without his support and feedback I wouldn't have lasted very long.

If I owned a storefront, I'd sell fabric.  Fabric on bolts, big bolts.  Not books with little pieces of fabric attached and binded together.  Oh no!  I'll also sell stationary that I made because in this fairy tale, I'd also be super artsy smartsy.  I'd dress super cute, have an over priced coffee every day, and play shop keeper.  Oh, and we'd have gourmet cupcakes with sprinkles! 

I love American Idol and will miss Simon.  I'm sad to see the end of Lost.  I was a late follower, and so I feel I was just getting started when it was over.  My idea of a strong drink is sweet tea.  I have two gym memberships but never go anymore.  People that have known me a long time and remember when I was a good house keeper still think of me this way.  I try not to correct them.  I love to laugh and have deep conversations.  God first, family second, work third.  I'm constantly evaluating if I keep that perspective and often miss the mark.  My very wise neighbor told me, "Priscilla, you can't pray for rain and complain about the mud."  Ouch.  So true.